Our offer

Wit-Composites Services

We are a company specialized in the production of elements made of composite materials. They are, among other things:


Structural elements


Elements of sheating


Shafts and accessories


Isolation elements


Production of tools


Installation of composite structures


Samples for testing, substantive consultations, experiments

Cooperation process in 5 steps

Discussion of the concept
We carefully discuss with the contractor the concept / ideas / lead time / scope of works / technology / materials / manufacturing methods and we finalize the stage in the form of an individual offer, cooperation agreement and the approval of the financial conditions.
In the case of prototypes - we make models, using traditional methods and CAD / CAM and CAE, so that the contractor can once again carefully analyze with us the possibilities and requirements of prototypes
We execute an order and on a regular basis we keep the contractor informed of the results and emerging issues to discuss. In the case of prototypes - at this stage we design the first prototype.
Verification of the idea
In case of prototypes - we infer with the contractor about further works and design the subsequent prototypes. In practice, usually the third version of the prototype is appropriate for the application and production.
Product delivery
Contractor shall receive the finished products and we are finalizing the agreed conditions.