Our company


We are a team of engineers – the enthusiasts who are committed and determined to make the future of various branches of industry, focusing on light composite structures made using glass fibers, aramid fibers and carbon fibers. We undertake every innovative and prospective project with passion.

We like technological challenges! The most desirable challenge for us is the creation of something that noone else has ever created!

Technology Park

We have been building our technology park from the beginning of our business (2007). The possessed technical infrastructure allows us to perform all orders independently. We have refrigerating - freezing equipment for the storage of pre-impregnated fibers and clean rooms for installation/assembly of structures. The appliances include a cutting- milling plotter, milling machine tool, the autoclave for polymerization of produced structures, welders and the lathe, plasma for cutting and the coordinate measuring machine CMM for measuring points in a three-dimensional coordinate system that provides geometric control of element


We have experience in:

  1. Producing composite structures.
  2. Building prototypes and installations.
  3. Specialised design and implementation services.
  4. Repairs of composite structures.
  5. Manufacturing of specialized laboratory equipment.
  6. Manufacturing new composite materials.
  7. Manufacturing of samples for laboratory testing and research workposts.

The product of our Wit-Design brand is the finalist in Good Design 2015 Competition


In August 2015 the product of our Wit-Design brand was the finalist in Good Design competition, organized by the Polish Institute of Industrial Design. The table Kenos was selected for the finals in the competition. It was made of carbon-epoxy composite combined with wood.


Top-notch engineers with high development potential,  with full professionalism of applied technologies and carried out specialized production processes

We are characterized by 3F


We translate ideas and concepts into real products and therefore attentively look at every concept by creating its models and prototype versions.


We use the technology and its potential to create products of the future and therefore our customers can be sure that everything has been taken into account.

Fair play

We make our customers and employees feel convinced of the cooperation: we play fair, we apply the Lean philosophy and Keizen system.


We cooperate with research centers, to upgrade the quality of our services on a constant basis.

We cooperate with the Lublin University of Technology, where on a regular basis we carry out research on structures produced by us. This makes us confident in the quality of offered composites.

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