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We are a family company, who have been doing business on the composite technology market in Poland since 2003. In the beginning, we only made composite components of car bodies for the automotive sector, successfully exporting them to western markets. Since 2019, we have also had our own office in the USA.

With time, we have added new machinery to our range and gained more experience with autoclaves, which are one of the most difficult technologies to use but which can provide the highest-quality structure. We are a team of engineers and enthusiasts committed and determined to make our contribution to the future of various branches of industry, with particular focus on composite structures. Their most important and highly useful property is the fact that they are both light and strong. We make them using glass, aramid and carbon fibres.

We are happy to devote our passion to any innovative and future-oriented project.

Our skills and know-how have been proven in the following prestigious R&D projects:

 INNOLOT (as a consortium partner),

 CEMCAST (as a subcontractor)

 Hydrogen Storage (as a subcontractor)

Our involvement in the development of new technologies has contributed to the creation of two patented solutions:

integral vibration damper (patent No. 230954)

assembly device (patent application No. 433267)

We enjoy technological challenges!

Our greatest dream is to create something that no one has ever created before!