Partnership and cooperation

We cooperate with industrial partners from around the world and scientific institutions in the field of research and development. Together we break down technological barriers and difficult technical issues. We also hold discussions and consultations with scientists and other R & D units in the country and abroad.

Types of cooperation

  • In clusters, working together with different enterprises.
  • For individual orders of companies or individuals.
  • In cooperation with research and development units.

Partner R&D institutions


Lublin University of Technology

We develop and test new materials with Lublin University of Technology, in particular with the Chair of Solid Mechanics and Chair of Applied Mechanics.


Institute of Electrical Engineering

For the Institute of Electrical Engineering we have made a prototype of the winding carcass of the three- winding coreless superconducting fault current limiter.


We cooperate with research centers to constantly improve the quality of our services

We cooperate with Lublin University of Technology where we regularly conduct research on our structures. This makes us confident in the quality of composites offered by us. The picture shows the structure of epoxy-carbon composite (using a scanning electron microscope Quanta FEG 250 at Lublin University of Technology)


Prof. dr hab. inż. Tomasz Sadowski,

Lublin University of Technology

I appreciate the cooperation with Wit-Composites for their innovative approach, professionalism and reliability in the performance of tasks. It is encouraging that in our region there is such a technologically advanced company that can implement very demanding, innovative tasks for the development of the aviation industry.

dr hab. inż. Janusz Kozak,

Electrotechnical Institute in Warsaw

Knowledge and experience of Wit-Composites employees deserve special appreciation. They show great experience in manufacturing of the elements of composite superconducting devices. Cooperation carried out so far allows me to recommend Wit-Composities company as a responsible and reliable partner.

Waldemar Łogin

Head of Project BloStEr, PZL Mielec

I appreciate the cooperation with Wit - Composites for their flexibility in all aspects of jointly run project and as a team of highly skilled workers thanks to whom the objectives can be attained.


Programme for medical industry

Coordinator: WIT-Composites

Objective of the project: Composite system for fast mechanical connections for the medical industry

The project value: 1 304 863,92 PLN.

The Innolot Programme

Coordinator: PZL Ltd. a Sikorsky Company

Objective of the project: „Block Structures - Mechanical joining innovations to replace conventional fasteners in aerostructures” Read more...This program will provide Polish industry a unique capability: simplification of complex aerostructures with a one step assembly approach called Block Structures. By creating mating surfaces that “clip” together, part counts and costs can be reduced dramatically with no loss of functionality or performance. The types of structures addressed in this effort are semi-monocoque parts with thin gages. The materials to be studied include metals, composites, and metal/composite hybrids. Each application will have a unique “clip” geometry that will accomplish joining without fasteners or adhesives.

Wit-Composites role: design and construction of mechanical connections aircraft structures prototypes.

The project value: 3 173 313,00 EUR

Consortium members: Lublin University of Technology, PZL Ltd. A Sikorsky Company, P.P.U.H. BRYK


The CEMCAST Programme

Centre of Excellence for Modern Composites Applied in Aerospace and Surface Transport Infrastructure

Co-ordinator: prof. Tomasz Sadowski PhD. Eng.

Administrator: Jolanta Sadowska

Objective of the project: Creation of a leading Centre of Excellence for Modern Composites aimed at development of competence in the field of modeling of composites and intelligent materials. Read more...
The project aims at expanding of different aspects of composite technology and analyses curried out by the CMCM staff.

Wit-Composites role: execution of samples for experiments to confirm results from modeling of composite materials

The project value: 2 560 000 EUR